The Young Engineers Group offer graduating students and early-career engineers an opportunity to meet up, exchange ideas, and build lifelong friendships. They also give young engineers access to senior industry experts and wisdom – helping them to accelerate their learning and their careers.


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One of the main benefits about being a member of Engineering New Zealand is the opportunity it offers to network – to meet other young engineers, especially those who work in different fields from me, and to share our experiences. When I first moved to Wellington from Auckland, I didn’t know many people, so it was a good way to make new friends.

"My biggest fear starting a new job was not knowing enough. But my employer understands that grads are green and they were very supportive and positive, teaching me on the job."


I started by going to a Young Engineers regional committee meeting, then joined the committee and became Regional Chair, and eventually I ended up as National Chair. If you asked me when I was a student, I would never have thought I’d become the national chair of anything, but it has been very rewarding. Being on the committee was great too, as it helped give me skills that I wouldn’t necessarily have gained at this point in my career – like budgeting, planning, project management, public speaking, time management, leadership and delegation. Delegation, especially, is hard for engineers because they want everything to be perfect, which means they often just do it themselves.

We used to have Engineering New Zealand café sessions regularly at my work, and young engineers from across the business could Skype in and talk with a regional branch rep about anything they wanted to know.

My most memorable Engineering New Zealand moment from last year was working with other members and committee members to brainstorm events like the forum. I loved the collaborative nature of the work and I felt proud when the events came off, knowing I was part of that.

I want to have as many learning experiences as possible so I can be the best engineer I can be, and being an Engineering New Zealand member really helps with that. The CPD courses in particular are helpful, and my employer has been encouraging the team to pick the right courses for each person to learn and develop professionally.

Juliette works at Calibre Consulting as a structural engineer.