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I’ve been working at Rocket Lab for five years. When I first joined, there were five people working at Rocket Lab. I now lead a team of 45 engineers across New Zealand and the United States – and the team’s constantly growing. We are always looking for passionate engineers as we continue growing the company.

"I really enjoy engineering and rocket science – that’s what I am really passionate about. I wake up in the morning wanting to go to work and do my best."

We have a very niche business in a completely new market. We are doing stuff that hasn’t been done before. Satellites used to be the size of a bus but now they can be the size of a small fridge or even a shoebox.

The focus of my job is propulsion, which is about pushing that rocket into orbit – and that involves anything from engine design and manufacturing to testing and the actual launch into space.

There are five things I would tell my younger self on the first day of work. Number 1: Where to buy lunch. Number 2: Where to park. Number 3: Make sure you deliver what your employer wants. It’s quite hard to change that mindset from uni. Number 4: Keep learning, always. Number 5: Do something you’re passionate about. It will give you focus at work.

Lachlan is Vice President of Propulsion at Rocket Lab.